Paul makes incredible custom pieces for you, and he also has an intense selection of finely crafted original pieces for sale.

Paul will work with you to design your individual pieces of jewelry in your budget. You can bring in any pictures or examples you like. Paul has a large selection of jewelry and many creative ideas to help you in this process. He then sketches the jewelry as you talk with him. He gets input from you and adjusts the design as needed. Then the price and quality options are finalized.

The process of making your design may involve carving and lost wax casting, fabrication, and other techniques. All diamond and colored stones are carefully hand set by only Paul in a variety of styles including prong set, pavé/bead set, channel set, box set, bezel set, tension set, and many other types of custom settings in gold or platinum.

Paul's Fine Art Degree and over 35 years of experience will make this a fun and enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

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